52 Kw Shepperton

The farmer was using electricity from Grid and was paying around $15000 to buy the electricity. His cool room needed some fix and he also was in need for his new cool room. 52 Kw Solar System with Canadian Solar panels and Fronius inverter was suggested to the farmer by Noor Solar. The distributers allowed us decent amount exports limit. Noor Solar and Electronics representative did all the paperwork including Vic agriculture grant. With all the required approvals in hand the System installation was started at Farming Shed. It took a week for Noor Solar and Electronics installers to install the job. Upfront project cost was about one third as Noor Solar helped the farmer for the government rebates and incentives. Now we have a happy farmer with savings from his electricity bill in his pocket.

52 Kw Shepperton
commercial solar panels 40 kw - 1

40 Kw in Melbourne North

 The site for Fresh fruits and veg is not far from Melbourne. The Energy project at the site either could be off grid or the Business needed an underground wire of around 100 meters. At Noor Solar we have qualified installers who have experience in Electricity industry. Noor Solar and Electronics representative gave consultation to the farm for the wiring and other issues at the business. 40 kw Solar PV system approvals were obtained. Western Solar panels and inverter were used. Cool room is run by Green energy now for their Fresh fruits and vegetables and is grid connected. Solar System is also saving the billing cost to the business. Also business has to spend so less, thanks to the government grants and incentives.

10 Kw in Kalkallo, Vic

 This was a house job with higher energy requirements. The house size was big so was their usage including off peak times usage. Noor Solar calculated the System size using the different usage pattern data. We used data samples from peak and off peak summer/winter samples. The best value for money was from a 10Kwh battery.  A 10 kw Solar system with Canadian Solar panels was installed at the site along with a 10 Kwh battery at site. Now the house is using full green electricity during most of the year and bills are in credit for 8 months of the year. Their winter bills are very minimal. 

commercial solar panels victoria 10 kw - 1
commercial solar panels victoria 6.6

Standard 6.6 Kw home system case study, Point Cook

It was one of the standard house System jobs out of Noor Solar and Electronics jobs. REC is the top brand chosen by our customers from the products we offer. REC has the best performance in the long run so it is bit derear. After a contract with the customer Noor Solar and electronics decided a date suitable for the house owner. Our installer installed the job in half a day. Our representative did all the paperwork, making sure everything is hassle free for the customer. The final bill with zero balance and all the warranties where handed over to a happy customer. 

6.66 Kw Suburban Solar System.

Suburban Solar System installed and fully connected. Renewable energy is the way to reduce power bills and greenhouse gas emissions. Our Sales team looked at the customer’s bill and suggested that like many others a 6.66kw will be a right fit for the house. Canadian Solar panels were chosen by our customer. Installer installed the job in half a day on a specified day by the customer. 

commercial solar panels victoria
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